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Come back, come back! Empty Come back, come back!

Post  BeatlesFanSp on Fri Aug 15, 2008 1:40 pm

I want Snow back.
I want you to get snow to tell her "Help"

Tell her, foo's! I'm tired of walking around like a Hobo, especially without Pink Panther!

god no im not a boy, the temptations song Paradise is just stuck in my head, and this fits Snow perfectly!

why dont you come come back, to my paradise ba-a-a-byyy, why dont yoooouuuuu
come back!
be back in my arms again, you can make me so happy
Why dont you,
so sorry,
i always dream that your in my arms, Yi-yi-yi-yi-, dont want to wake up, dont want to wake up, oh oh oh, and come back to paridice, come on, back to paradise, my dreams that your in my heart, yi-yi-yi-yi, dont want to wake up, dont want to wake up, no no no! Come back to paradise, come on! pleaaaaaaaase come back, ah-ah-ah,
yi-yi-yi, dont want to wake up! dont want to wake up! no no no no! come back to paradise, come on!
Or I'll die!

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