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Chapter One-
Yumi took her hair out of the ponytail holder.
She had talked to Tohru Honda last night, and she felt relieved.
This was the first day of school for Yumi, she felt worried.
First, Tohru had said "Careful of Kyo's sudden bursts of Attitudes, and do not hug any of the Sohmas."
Yumi, who was reading one of Shigure's books, nodded.
She frowned slightly.
Wheres the manga in Japan? she thought.
As she got ready for school, the postman came to the door.
"Delivery, delivery!" The man called.
She opened the door.
It was from the high school.
And there was another letter, from Motoko Minagawa.
"Don't try to steal Yuki!! He's ours!!"
Yumi rolled her eyes.
"Motoko Minagawa must be the one she's talking about." Yumi said, and put the letter on the table.

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